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notes from the overnight

i know that i am supposed to complain about it to every living soul i see to reduce the amount of time i maybe have to do it, but i have to say, working the overnight shift is actually sort of wonderful.

first of all and most obviously, it’s quiet. i can do my work in peace and in relative privacy, and the people i work with look like they really enjoy this, too. i am not always the most social of coworkers unless i’m in the Talkative Zone (tm), so it’s kind of nice to not have to feel bad for not knowing how to small talk or joke with people i don’t know. it’s living at the very bottom of the institutional totem pole, but whatever. it feels like actual freedom to do what i want with my work and also think about what else i want to work on. doesn’t happen in the daylight that easily no matter where you are.

i met a cowoker who is from michigan tonight. that was cool, especially because she was a photo intern at the paper i used to work at in elkhart, so we reminisced over how midwesterners fucking love being around bodies of water and eating fried foods (that is everyone, really), and we talked a little bit of shit about ambitious east coasters. why do i do this so often? i can’t help myself. so few things about me are interesting. but i should get an It’s a Small World free pass on this one. what are the odds that we’d both know and love michiana?

i ordered got my first 2 am meal from a hell’s kitchen diner. i don’t know what it is about the tuna salad platter, but it is my culinary siren. stuffed tomatoes at 2 am forever. 

i stand for about four hours of every shift. when i’m about ready to keel over or pass out (4am), i make myself stand and everything is new again. 

so yeah that’s what’s going on with me. happy birthday america from the overnight shift, of something.



That moment when you see an engagement ring up in one of his tabs so you go on the internet and write about it in your blog?